Monday, January 23, 2012

Rules of Destruction

Remember, as we set about demolishing a brick wall, at some point every brick in that wall shall become the highest and the next slated for demolition. And without a brick wall, of what use is the foundation?  There is only one of two fates for the lowest portion, either it is buried by a new and more magnificent wall, or destroyed and replaced entirely.

Monday, January 16, 2012

How Do I Know?

Life is unfair, and this is how I know.  I work hard and earn a good salary, but out there are two people.  One who works more and earns less, and one who works less and earns more.  But let there be no doubt that this system, though imperfect, yields the greatest benefit to all.  One may live in a fair society, but it is one that keeps man from living to his greatest potential.

Should an accountant plow a field?  Should a doctor dig a ditch?  Should a politician clean septic tanks?   The answer to the first two is no.  They can do greater good for all as doctors or accountants.  And they will be compensated handsomely for their scarce knowledge and expertise.


James:  I think this [gold plated 1911 pistol] is what I'd recommend you get.  I'd buy a pair and get them engraved with some cool roses, maybe some thorns, to represent the dichotomy of good and evil.  A couple of skulls on the grips would be a classy move as well.

Bruce:  Personally, I would recommend a grenade launcher (like the HK M320) becuase getting the bad guys is worth destryong all your possessions and possibly killing your family members and/or neighbors

J.T.:  I like the grenade launcher machine gun (GMG), a novel concept if I may say so.


This encounter would have ended very differently with a fully automatic grenade launcher.

Bruce: You're right.  The headline would have read, "Chuck E. Cheese's In Flames After Grandmother Defends Family with Grenade Launcher"

Witnesses say the first grenade maimed the offenders and also destroyed the table at which they were sitting.  Then the woman continued firing what's being described as a "grenade machine gun" amidst the chaos of screaming and running children until she "cleaned up their language for them,"  shes's quoted as saying.  The restaurant said the woman won't have to pay for her meal but will have to pay approximately $350,000 for damage done to the structure, ball pit and play area, and the animatronic singing animals.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A Most Important Question

If I could think of a single question that when asked would do the most good for any human being, it would be, 'What do you Want?'

Why this question? Because it begins to clarify the desired outcome; we can develop intent and make that intent the guiding principle by which we make all future decisions.  What do you want?  A million dollars?  A steady job?  Peace on Earth?  You can see the outcome, and start to work backwards and trace a path.  Even as you read this, I bet you're finding it easier to sketch a path towards a million dollars (education, work, save, invest...)

The other powerful effect that this question has is one of economy.  If I want something, like a material good, I am willing to divert my energy and resources to obtaining that thing.  I am at peace with not having all of the other things that I do not want.

I feel like I am in a fog when I don't know what I want.  I can't orient myself and provide motivation towards a goal.  Coming into work, sitting down and asking myself, 'What do you want to do today?' has a profound effect on my day for the better.   If your job sucks, then asking the question becomes just that much more salient.

Life can be simple and better if we just ask ourselves what we want and work towards those desires.  We would be a happier nation.  We wouldn't be jealous of others either.  When you see someone driving in a nice car or taking out an expensive toy, just tell yourself that they wanted those things, and like everyone else on the planet, had to forgo something else to obtain those items.  Some may get more and some may get less, but none gets it all.

You can have anything that you want, but you can't have everything.