Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Irony of Meeting Minutes

It seems that just about the time one actually knows what belongs in the meeting minutes and what doesn't, that individual is no longer the one taking the notes.

I guess it's a variation on a theme. Just when we are getting good at something, we move on to other greater tasks and the skills that got us there probably just languish. Ever had that boss that came to your desk not knowing how to do something technically complicated? Those people have skills and wisdom that are worlds apart from my own. I guess being in the stratosphere for so long, some just forget how to walk. Most, I imagine, would welcome this departure of knowledge (I certainly would. I don't think I would feel the least bit bad if I moved on from AutoCAD and Revit).

Then there is the 'Office Space' mentality that bosses seem to be promoted to their own incompetence. I have yet to personally witness this. All of my bosses are very wise and have a perspective that only experience can bring. In reality, Bill Lumburg [guessing at the spelling here] would probably have worked in low level positions hoaning skills that would later enable him to be a successful manager. Far from being stupid or incapable, managers are abundant sources of information and knowledge.

In a grander scale, someone like me might command the services of others who have been less successful at developing skills and knowledge, and likewise I am commanded by those more knowledgable.

There is always a bigger fish, I guess